Flexibility Plant

Virtual Power Plant 2.0

The Flexibility Plant is a new form of the Virtual Power Plant, which enables for the first time the economic integration and operation of especially small energy devices. It is an automated, standardized and technology-open system solution, consisting of the components swarmBOX and swarmHUB, which solves the 3 essential problems of today’s Virtual Power Plants:

  • Reduction of project planning effort and initial costs when implementing Virtual Power Plants
  • Reduction of the integrations costs for connecting new energy devices by reduction of installation and configuration effort
  • Increasing the operational revenues by combination of different marketing options, e.g. own-consumption optimzation and external marketing


self-learning control box

The self-learning control box is the essential component of the Flexibility Plant. It measures and processes the generation and consumption data (heat, electricity and mobility demands) and determines the planning criteria for the whole building. This means that the future operation potentials of the energy device is already forecasted in the swarmBOX and the swarmBOX forwards the controllability of the energy device, also called flexibility, to the coordinator swarmHUB.

  • Device monitoring und schedule management
  • Own-consumption optimization and data security
  • Interface to the energy device (plug&play, technology open) and to coordinator swarmHUB



The coordinator swarmHUB is a component of the Flexibility Plant and an interface to energy trading and is responsible for the balance between generation and consumption at the network level. It receives the controllability of the energy devices (flexibility) from the swarmBOXes. This is the basis for planning the pool of energy devices for regional energy balancing or energy trading.

  • Scheduling for energy marketing or regional balancing
  • Overlayed optimization und consideration of e.g. the pricing signal at the energy market
  • Interface to swarmBOX, energy market or existing Virtual Power Plants
  • User-friendly user interface